IES InternationalServing Industries Across The World

Ies International is a global network of exhibition & event solution providers working together to provide a seamless single-point-of-contact services to exhibitors and event organizers from conception to completion.

With geographical presence in South & East Asia, China, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and America, our network of ies strategic business partners work through close communication; pooling and sharing of resources notably information, experience, knowledge & technology; and enjoying peer support. All ies strategic business partners have more than 20 years of experience in their respective field.

Embracing the power of strong teamwork and networking, we effectively deliver the best possible solutions that take into account the local exhibiting requirements, logistics, optimum use of resources and creative ideas from myriads of portfolios and creative teams around the world.

Core Values

  • Meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations
  • Effective, creative and innovative solutions
  • People and information are our most valued assets
  • Achieving business excellence through working with the best
  • Win-win through optimum use of resources and peer support
  • Quality, efficiency and profitability